UPU Life is a health profession constructed under the Holistic Health concept of nutrition, physical and psychical. It has integrated the health ideas and resources from different angles, allowing more people to possess a life quality to enjoy living longer and healthier, and to create a high-quality longevity society of 120 years old.

Five a Day

The original text of Five a Day means "Five Servings a Day." This does not mean to consume five kinds of fruits and vegetables daily, but to suggest us to at least consume five times (servings) of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and that each serving must include more than two kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Based on this calculation, it should be Ten a Day (consume ten kinds of fruits and vegetables daily!) In the United States, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Heart Association (AHA) and other major health organizations have jointly promoted the Five a Day campaign. This is because the nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables are very helpful in lowering disease morbidity and slowing down aging.

Taiwan is marching towards an aging population. If there is a need to create a high quality senior society, we should not ignore but implement a health plan to consume five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily! Backed with Taiwan's agricultural development and an abundant of fruits and vegetables, it is not hard to achieve this goal, but we must pay attention that – high-quality fruits and vegetables means that they must be fresh, so that their nutrients would not be destroyed by high temperature. Recipe development

Taiwan's agricultural type is easy to consume 10 kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

The recipe of UPU Life Energy Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice is made in accordance with the manufacturing concept of fresh vitamins to enhance the recipe of "anti-oxidation, enzyme, high fiber and high absorption rate," and regulated with Chinese herbs following the seasonal changes free from reduction and without adding chemical pigments. Each bottle of 1000cc of UPU Life Energy Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice is freshly made from more than 10 kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and honey in a professional low-temperature factory that complies with HACCP and CAS certifications, and the products made are then low-temperature preserved and delivered to your door immediately. All the fruits and vegetables used have undergone the safety inspections of pesticides, bacteria and worm eggs. The full course of low-temperature manufacturing technique is able to slow down oxidation, enhance nutrition preservation and overcome the restrain of instant consumption.

Taiwan's agricultural

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process: Contracted farm planting that adheres to "fallow farming system," "using organic fertilizers" and "enhancing pesticide detection" → collected and delivered to the CAS-approved Hsinhu Cooperative Farm, the entire manufacturing process in the factory is divided into 18℃, 10℃ and 4℃ that "complies with pesticide and microbial detection" and "high-tech cooling air processing to reduce the bacterial count" → ice water rinsing → cutting → cold-cooking processing → mincing, the manufacturing temperature is controlled below 4℃→ delivered to your door in refrigerator vehicle at temperature 2℃~7℃.

Taiwan's agricultural


The above manufacturing process is complied with the integrated process of HACCP and International food safety processing standards, the national pesticide control of fresh fruits and vegetables, and bacteria inspection standard of CAS. During the dressing process, special attention is made in the composition ratio, dressing sequence and temperature control to ensure the nutrition facts and to slow down the oxidation speed of the fruit and vegetable juice.

Taiwan's agricultural

Nutrition Array products

  • UPU Life Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme Essence

    UPU Life Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme Essence


    1.Compound fermented fruit and vegetable essence (papaya, pineapple, orange, apple, tomato, broccoli, yam, carrot, cabbage)
    2.Probiotic group
    3.Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

    UPU Life Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme Essence has gone through a unique nano-biotechnology platform to release the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables completely, and it also contains a high count of multiple strains of human probiotics and probiotic enzymes generated from the metabolism of probiotics. These enzymes and probiotic group are able to maintain gastrointestinal function, and even to regulate the physique and physiological function of human body comprehensively to enhance good health.

    FOS is classified as one kind of water-soluble dietary fiber that cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but such dietary fiber with no nutritional value to the human body is regarded as a nutrition source for probiotics in the intestinal tract, thereby propagating more probiotics to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and maintain a healthy environment in the intestinal tract. In addition, as it will not be absorbed in the small intestines and capable of fermenting short-chain fatty acids in the colon, it is able to stimulate the colon movement to enhance normal bowel activity.



    Product code: NU002

    1.Compound fermented fruit and vegetable essence (papaya, pineapple, orange, apple, tomato, broccoli, yam, carrot, cabbage)
    2.Probiotic group
    3.Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

    The good bacteria that consume on UPU Life Energy Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice are generated from fermentation of 100% fruits and vegetables. This fruit/vegetable type lactobacillus plantarum has nothing to do with milk, and with near zero calorie, it will not cause allergies and able to enhance health effortlessly.
    The history of fresh fruit and vegetable bacteria:

    1.The exhibit of the Food Research Institute, being awarded the 2007 International Exhibition of Invention. We would like to thank the Food Research Institute from selecting the fruit/vegetable type lactobacillus plantarum that can grow well on fresh fruits and vegetables.

    2.The exhibit of National Science Center, being awarded the 2007 International Exhibition of Invention. It was the amplification technology and performance of various biological functions, being presented in the form of fruit/vegetable lactobacillus plantarum fermented from UPU Life Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice.

    3.Awarded with innovation and R&D subsidies in 2007 Technology Research and Development Project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Calcium

    Calcium + Magnesium

    Product code: NU004

    Ingredients: Biological chelated magnesium, glucosamine hydrochloride, Vitamin D3

    Bio-chelated calcium and magnesium to enhance absorption by the body Complete nutrition for both the bones and cartridges
    The bone nutrition generally found on the market is divided separately into nutrition meant for the bones and cartridges. In early days, emphasis was placed on calcium supplement for the bones, but recently, focus has been made on nutritional supplement such as glucosamine (such as X Glucosamine). Due to the limited availability of knowledge, consumers tend to consume one category of nutrition, and thus unable to provide a complete nutritional supplement for the bones. UPU Life Calcium + Magnesium is currently the first-of-its-kind on the market designed to provide basic nutrients for both the bones and cartridges. It is able to provide a complete nutrition, more convenient to consume and more economical. How good is the absorption?

    Bio-chelated calcium + Magnesium + D3 to enhance absorption

    Soybean is being decomposed into the majority of amino acids thorough a patented ACE production process. These amino acids will combine with high concentration of calcium and magnesium elements to form bio-organic amino acid calcium. Not only can the activated amino acids be able to enhance the absorption rate of calcium and magnesium by the human body, it also plays an important effect in muscle contraction and regulating the equilibrium of acid and alkali due to the fact that both calcium and magnesium are important minerals capable of maintaining bone health as well as the important elements in metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrate.

  • B-Best


    Product code: NU005

    Ingredients: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin, folic acid, Vitamin C, calcium, choline, inositol

    B-Best folic acid B6, B12 with strengthened formula Currently, more than 70 kinds of nutrition families have been known to B group. The contents of B group products generally vary depending on the types and ratios in them. Among them, folic acid and B6 are rarely included in the general B group products due to their high prices, but these ingredients are particularly important to the elderly population.

    UPU Life B-Best and B Group have specially included folic acid and B6 into the contents and in increased proportion, but prices are more competitive than the general B group products. What more, the combination types and proportions of UPU Life B-Best and B Group are formulated in best possibility to ensure that they can be easily absorbed by the human body.

  • CoQ10


    Product code: NU006

    (with glycolysis ginseng tea and tea polyphenol additives)
    Ingredients: Coenzyme Q10, choline bitartrate, inositol, wood oligosaccharides, glycolysis ginseng, glycolysis tea polyphenol (does not contain theophylline)

    Coenzyme Q10 is similar to Vitamin E, but is perhaps an even better antioxidant. There are generally 10 kinds of common coenzymes, but only Q10 has been found in human tissues. Q10 will decrease following an increase in age and can be supplemented from diet. You should be cautious while purchasing Q10, as the purest Q10 comes in bright natural yellow shade and is nearly odorless in powder form. Q10 should be kept out of light and heat. In temperature above 46℃, the pure coenzyme Q10 will deteriorate and should be replaced.

    Choline is one of the members of Vitamin B group which is affinity to fats. Choline is able to penetrate the so-called "barrier between blood and brain" and enter into the brain cells. It is the chemical substance that creates the memory-related aspect of the brain.
    ~ the above is abstracted from:
    Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Page 37)
    Co-author Medical Doctor James F. Balch/nutrition consultant Phyllis A. Balch

  • Trace Elements Zinc + Chromium + Selenium

    Trace Elements Zinc + Chromium + Selenium

    Product code: NU007

    Ingredients: Spirulina fermentation essence, bio-chelated chromium, bio-chelated selenium, bio-chelated zinc, Vitamin B6, TransAcT, bitter melon extract, Gymnema sylvestre extract, Banaba leaf extract

    Zinc is an essential trace element in human body, but its requirement is small, and yet important since zinc is the vital constitution in most enzymes in the human body as well as the catalyst in many chemical reactions. As its participation in enzyme reactions is mostly associated with growth and cell division, a deficiency in zinc will result in growth retardation, and will also cause skin, intestinal mucosa and immune system damage.

    Chromium is a necessary trace element in human body capable of playing a special role in the metabolism of glucose and lipid in the body.

    Selenium is a glutathione peroxidase (GPx) in animal body. As it is an essential ingredient of enzyme antioxidant, so selenium is able to maintain the vitality of GPx to prevent injury to the islet cells and allow them to be able to secrete insulin normally.

    Bio-chelated zinc, chromium and selenium can be easily absorbed by the human body. As the zinc, chromium and selenium contents are extremely rare in natural foods, and as the absorption rate of individual trace elements by the human body is low, it not easy to be consumed. However, the activated amino acid chelated chromium, chelated zinc and chelated selenium are able to enhance the body's absorption rate of zinc, chromium and selenium.